Consider the following DataFrame df and answer questions. rollno name UT1 UT2 UT3 UT4 1 Prerna Singh 24 24 20 22

Consider the following DataFrame df and answer questions.rollnonameUT1UT2UT3UT41Prerna Singh242420222Manish Arora181719223Tanish Goel202218244Falguni Jain222024205Kanika Bhatnagar152018226Ramandeep Kaur20152224(i) Write down the command that will give the following output.rollno6nameTanish GoelUT124UT224UT324UT424dtype : object(a) print(df.max) (b) print(df.max()) (c) print(df.max(axis=1)) (d) print(df.max axis=1)(ii) The teacher needs to know the marks scored by the student with roll number 4. Help her to identify the correct set of statement/s from the given options :(a) df1=df[df[‘rollno’]==4]print(df1)(b) df1=df[rollno==4]print(df1)(c) df1=df[df.rollno=4]print(df1)(d) df1=df[df.rollno==4]print(df1)(iii) Which of the following statement/s will give the exact number of values in each column of the dataframe?i. print(df.count())ii. print(df.count(0))iii. print(df.count)iv. print(df.count(axis=’index’))Choose the correct option:(a) both (i) and (ii)(b) only (ii)(c) (i) (ii) and (iii)(d) (i) (ii) and (iv)(iv) Which of the following command will display the column labels of the DataFrame?(a) print(df.columns())(b) print(df.column())(c) print(df.column)(d) print(df.columns)(v) Ms. Sharma the class teacher wants to add a new column the scores of Grade with the values ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘A’ ‘A’ ‘B’ ‘A’ to the DataFrame. Help her choose the command to do so:(a) df.column=[’A’’B’’A’’A’’B’’A’](b) df [‘Grade’]=[’A’’B’’A’’A’’B’’A’](c) df.loc[‘Grade’]= [’A’’B’’A’’A’’B’’A’](d) Both (b) and (c) are correct

(i) (b) print(df.max()) (ii) (a) df1=df[df[‘rollno’]==4] print(df1) (d) df1=df[df.rollno==4] print(df1) (iii)  (a) both (i) and (ii) (iv)  (d) both (i) and (ii) (v)  (b) df [‘Grade’]=[’A’,’B’,’A’,’A’,’B’,’A’]