Who is Abelmarrywether?

English class 10

He is an old widower. Since the death of his wife, he has been livings in turns, with his daughters Amelia Slater and Elizabeth Jordan. He is a fun-loving and jovial man, who loves to go to the pub and have a drink. He is quick-witted and too intelligent to be fooled by any show of affection by his daughters. He knows then too well. But, he lives with them because they are his daughters and he wanted to leave something to them in his will. But when he discovered how they behaved, believing to be dead, he decides to change his will, and also decides to marry a widow, Mrs. John Shorrocks, the keeper of ‘’Ring – O – Bells’. He is a likeable old man, much better than his daughters.He is a man unwanted by his family.As soon as he gets to know that his daughters does not love him but his wealth he leaves them taking all his wealth with him and marry his beloved.